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By closing my eyes and concentrating I heard, and almost felt, the movement of the door below me my room being located above the kitchen and my headboard touching the same wall in which the door was found.

My cock spurted spunk all over two or three panes of finely-beveled cut glass of the French window.

Not that I was up to using it for the purpose, but I was damned if I was going to let a burglar into the house without a fight.

It sounded like someone rattling the back door, or at least moving it slightly.

I saw her frigging herself wildly, her pelvis thrusting her cunt into the dog's mouth as it plunged its nearly-prehensile tongue into her to retrieve whatever delicious balm she had tempted it with in the first place.

I had to pee, following my violent ejaculation, but I stoically restrained myself.

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I looked at her pale, round face, wondering what it would be like to stick my knife into her throat the knife that I had left downstairs, that is!

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